surreal, so real

by Yoshimasu Kamiya

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This demo/EP can best be described as a collection of "ambient rock" soundtracks. Though sonically diverse in style and tone, all seven songs express the dualities of dreams vs. reality, serenity vs. discordance, and the moments when those balances become threatened.

Beyond "surreal, so real," each storyline marks the beginning of an open-ended concept album whose characters, plots, and musical genres will transform based on creative fluidity.

Click on each track's "info" link to read a synopsis of the song/storyline.


"This is a recommended download for ALL fans of Silent Hill's music. It's got a fresh and moody soundscape resonating with either etheral and melodic ambience or driving guitar riffs, and captivating drums that would impress even [Akira] Yamaoka himself." - Fungo (of Twin Perfect),

“You can hear that you put a lot of time in it and really put attention to the different layers and creating opposites. It’s dreamy but also raw reality! … Together with the story behind the EP, it makes this EP very interesting to listen to!” - ɱiɣuki ɖɑɣ [Netherlands]


the title for "Uchina noir: The Cocktail Party" was taken from
Tatsuhiro Oshiro’s 1967 novella of the same name

"接吻 [Kiss]" written for and dedicated to Maggie Peng [February 2012]

synopses written with assistance from Andor Czigeledi
artwork model: Terumi Shimazu

infinite thank you’s to those who’ve assisted me with this project:
Maggie Peng, Andor Czigeledi, Noah Golderg, Jo-Ann Irvin, Michael Daugherty, Miyuki Day, Jason Michael [Dah2]

all tracks written, performed, and recorded by
Joseph Yoshimasu Kamiya
in loving memory of Auntie Irene Ike [1962 ~ 2008]
and Grandma Yoshiko Kamiya [1915 ~ 2012]

“…had the [Japanese] military regarded non-combatants as coming under their protection, evacuations [of Okinawan civilians] would have been unnecessary and the collective self-killings that took place in the Kerama Islands, Iejima, Yomitan, and Mabuni would never have been carried out. In reality, non-combatants were far from being protected by the military. Instead, they found themselves in a situation where they were attacked by tigers at the front gate (the enemy troops) and wolves at the back gate (their own troops).”
– Masahide Ota, Re-examining the History of the Battle of Okinawa (1985)

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released 20 July 2012
all tracks written, performed, and recorded by Joseph Yoshimasu Kamiya under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License




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